This is dedication

I am truly dedicated to getting my HVAC certification to become a really great heating and air conditioning specialist! I just began going to HVAC school at night while having to work a regular job all day.

It gets a bit tiring to tell you the truth, but this is true dedication.

I work doing low paying work right now, and I won’t even say what I do because it is something that a teenager would be working. May as well call it slave labor for the amount of work and horrible pay. However, I know this is only temporary. Once I graduate from HVAC school and get my certification to become a top quality heating and air conditioning specialist at one of the local heat and a/c companies, my slave labor days will be long over with! I will be doing what my true passion in life is. And that is installing and repairing all kinds of central heating and air conditioning systems. I do know a little already because my grandfather was a heat and a/c specialist and taught me a lot when he was still alive. In his honor and memory I will be determined to become as good of a heating and air conditioning specialist as he was! If not even better! That is why I am working myself into the ground right now by working a full time slave labor type job and then going to the HVAC school in the evenings. I have no personal time other than on the weekends. But this is well worth it.

Air conditioning worker