The furnace at the ecumenical home broke

The furnace at the ecumenical home broke and I had to go rescue the elderly people. The furnace at the ecumenical home had been having many problems the past month, and they had scheduled for a HVAC technician to come in in one week to do an inspection on the furnace. But apparently it was too late because the furnace broke in the middle of a freezing cold night two days before the HVAC technician was scheduled to go in. The home tried to contact the HVAC technician, but no one responded. They ended up calling the heating and cooling business that I work under, and my boss sent out a group text to all the HVAC technicians and the furnace mechanics asking if anyone could go on call to save the folks at the ecumenical home. I responded and got in my furnace work truck and rushed to the scene. When I arrived, I was led to the furnace room and I saw the problems instantly. The furnace at the home was a hot water boiler heating system, which is my expertise. I quickly got to work on the boiler and started first fixing the pips which were frozen. After that, I moved on to other parts of the boiler that needed to be tuned up. Luckily, I had some heating and cooling equipment in my HVAC truck so I had the parts I needed to fix the furnace correctly. When I finally finished, the furnace turned on and all the elderly people came out of their rooms to thank me. I felt like a hero. I have never enjoyed fixing a hot water boiler more than that one time.

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