I’ve been helping the church with their HVAC for years now

I’ve been good friends with the people at our local church for some time now.

It all started when a neighbor of mine invited me to come to a worship service.

It turned out to be fantastic, but I noticed that the air quality was lacking. Since I’m an HVAC technician, I decided to help the people there out with their HVAC system. I only charged them for the cost of the parts needed to get everything working up to speed. I have been changing the air filters and doing regular maintenance for years only charging for the parts needed. They always tell me how grateful they are for me at the church, but I am just as grateful. They made it so I learned how to develop a stronger bond with Jesus, and that’s something I truly appreciate. My life has changed for the better and I feel I have a better outlook on life. With my positive attitude, it seems to have enhanced my career as well. I like talking to people about the bible and I have met a lot of amazing people who love to talk with me about things both religious and otherwise. I mainly just love helping the people with their heating and cooling system troubles though. I mean, I don’t only do the work I do for the people at the church, but also so I can be comfortable too while I’m there to worship. But it is nice to have made so many close friends in a short amount of time. These people are like family to me now.

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