Getting ready to install a new ductless mini split

For a long time, we have gotten by with just window A/C units in our home.

  • I have to admit, they look kind of ugly from the outside, but on the inside in different rooms, they provide the perfect cooling that makes you feel nice and comfy.

They have served us well over the years, but they are terrible energy hogs. I was honestly sick and tired of having to pay for such outrageous energy bills even though the cooling was always comfortable in our home over the years. So instead of buying new window A/C units that were hopefully more energy efficient, I decided to look into DIY ductless mini splits. A good buddy of mine actually installed his own ductless mini split and he was telling me how straightforward the installation was. He kept saying how he couldn’t believe that he was not an HVAC professional and he was able to handle the installation without any real hassles. I remember he told me about a few HVAC brands that seemed really great. I decided to look into the various HVAC brands myself to see which one seemed the most promising. I also remembered what my buddy said about measuring the appropriate amount of BTU needed for cooling the household. So I ended up ordering a ductless mini split that is the perfect BTU and I feel is a reputable HVAC brand. I am feeling a little anxious about installing my own HVAC system, but I figure if my buddy could do it, I certainly can too!

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