Always check first

When you have a smart thermostat there are many things to look at when it breaks down before you go and call your local heating and air conditioning company.

Many reasons a smart thermostat may not be working could be easily fixable on your own without having to pay a few hundred bucks for some sort of HVAC home services call to the local heat and a/c company. You could have an issue with the app itself that controls it. It may not be configured right. Or the configuration could slip off in a way if you happen to reset your computer or cell phone that it is on. You can fix this yourself by simply reading the instruction manual on your smart thermostat. Then of course the most common error in judgement with a smart thermostat is when the batteries die. Many people forget that it only takes a few batteries you can buy at your local grocery store to fix the problem. A lot of people believe their central heating and air conditioning system has broken down when this happens. I have seen this happen a lot with friends of mine the first time the battery dies. So the bottom line here is that you always want to check and troubleshoot all possibilities before calling your local heating and air conditioning company for an HVAC repair call to fix a smart thermostat. While smart thermostats are wonderful to have and save money, they can also be quite troublesome at times. And this is exactly what you have to watch for.



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