What could be the main issue with my cooling system not blowing in chilly air

The A/C may fail to blow in chilly air because of a fault that you are yet to establish as a homeowner. Typically, your cooling system should help support the cooling effect you intend to achieve in Summer and other hot seasons. When it fails to do this, then there is definitely something wrong, then however, before rushing to call in the Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman to check and pay for A/C repairs, try problemshooting the issue yourself first. The primary cause of this is due to lack of common airflow. When the A/C works typically, the fan tends to draw air over the evaporator coils. It is then cooled and recirculated inside the house, however be careful not to let the air filters in your Heating and Air Conditioning system accumulate a lot of debris and dirt that end up clogging the system and preventing its efficiency. When the filters are congested, there is often an issue of little to no airflow over the evaporator coils leading to the coils becoming too chilly and chilly. When this happens, ice may form on the surface, causing an even more significant challenge with the unit; Keep checking the filter to see that there is no accumulated debris! Make a point of cleaning and regulating the air filters whenever necessary to support better airflow. When the filters are clean, air will pass over the condor coils and blow in chilly air to your space. The other issue that could be restricting cool air from flowing is a failed fan and fan motor. When the window’s cooling system is not blowing chilly air, the issue is likely to be the fan or fan motor. Note that when the fan is running slowly or not running at all, airflow is also restricted.

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