The best offer

I just graduated from Heating and A/C school recently and have been looking for a task with a heating and air conditioning company.

I have several options available between local and in the city.

But the thing I am looking for is the best possible task offer. That does not mean just pay. It also means benefits. I don’t want to go work for some heating and air conditioning company long term and have fine pay however no medical benefits. That just doesn’t work for me. Also, a heating and air conditioning company that offers benefits is more likely to be a long lasting Heating and A/C company! Let’s face it, there are several fly by night heating and air conditioning suppliers popping up all over the arena these afternoons. And this is something I do not want to even get involved in! I need stability if I am going to go and work for a heating and air conditioning business. Otherwise, I may as well just start our own heat and a/c company and become an independent heating and air conditioning dealer. I really do not want that because you never suppose if you will have company or not, which is why I am looking for the best task offer within a local or in the city heating and air conditioning company. I have had 2 task offers so far and one of them has great benefits however I am a bit on the defensive about the pay. It’s good, however it could be better. So I may hold out for another task offer. Only time will tell.

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