I wish I could test things out first

It makes no sense that the biggest purchases you make in life can’t be tested out.

If you want a pair of shoes or a new bathing suit, you can try it on.

You can read reviews, look at pictures online and even return the product for a full refund if you don’t like it. A new vehicle you can drive it around the block and that is it. How about a house? You walk through a house in around 10 minutes and then need to decide if you essentially would like to die in there. There is no refund, return or trying it out. You really should get to test a house out. I wanted to try living in my house for a week. I want to know the noises that are around the neighborhood. Is the water pressure good in the shower? I wanted to use the kitchen appliances. I also wanted to test the HVAC device. Nope, instead I just had to buy the house that seemed okay and hope for the best. Quickly into living in the house I realized I needed a new HVAC device. Can I test out the different HVAC machines? Nope, you need to pay tons of money and get whatever is installed in your home. You get one guy with a little schooling ripping into your home. I just had to hope that I picked out the heating and cooling system that was right for me. I researched and consulted different homeowners. However, that is not the same as living with the HVAC day in and day out.


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