I planned on having the ductwork cleaned.

My husband was planning a fishing trip with our son.

He wasn’t sure about leaving me alone while he was gone for an entire weekend, but I promised him I would be fine.

I had plans of my own while he was gone. He assumed I would be shopping with my sister, but I had other plans that I refused to discuss with him. He feels that anything that needs to be done in the house should be done by him, but it never gets done. I knew we needed to have the HVAC system serviced and I wanted the ductwork to be cleaned and repaired. He was also worried about the cost of having this work done. I had saved enough money that I knew I could pay for it, and I wouldn’t need to have him trying to do the job by himself. When I found out about his fishing trip, I called the HvAC company and made the appointment. They were going to clean and service the AC unit and the furnace. They were also going to send along a team of HVAC ductwork service technicians to clean and repair the ductwork. He wasn’t going to be out of town before the team of HVAC technicians arrived at the house. I love my husband, but an HVAC technician he is not. He doesn’t have the patience it takes to clean the ductwork. He doesn’t have the tools it takes to clean and maintain the ductwork. I thought I would save him the trouble of trying and just getting angry over needing to call the HVAC company after all his hard work.


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