I had to get rid of that old thermostat.

When I moved into my home, there was an old dial thermostat in the living room.

  • After almost ten years, the dial thermostat was still in the living room.

I was never sure if I had accurately set the thermostat since most of the numbers were worn off the dial. Whenever I was dusting the walls, I was always hitting the dial and I would end up with the furnace running instead of the air conditioning, or the AC instead of the heating. I knew that I had to get rid of that antiquated dial thermostat and get a newer and more modern thermostat for my house. I hated that the old dial had a range of anywhere between sixty-five and seventy. I knew that if I had a new digital thermostat, I would be able to set a precise temperature for my heating and cooling. Then I decided that since I was going to get a new modern thermostat, I was going to go all out, and buy a smart thermostat. The smart thermostat had WiFi capability which meant I was no longer searching for glasses so I could read the wall unit. I could get my tablet and simply check the temperature on the tablet. I also liked that with the thermostat I bought, I was able to check the weather, air quality in the house and the energy efficiency of my furnace and air conditioning units. With just a few quick clicks on my cell phone or my tablet, I am able to check the thermostat. I can not just check the conditions, but I can also turn off the thermostat in every room that is not being used.

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