Stuck babysitting their HVAC professional

My parents do the snowbirds thing and they live down the street from me.

It is really convenient for them that I live nearby, not really for me. When my parents leave I suddenly have a lot of work to do. My mother is all over me to water her plants on a weekly basis. My father wants me to start their car and move it around the property almost everyday. They frequently mess up and send packages to the southern home or see something on the security camera that I need to check out. The worst is when they hire a service done and I need to babysit the contractor. My father loves to have a HVAC contractor come to the house when they are not there. I then need to take a day off of work to babysit the HVAC technician, pay him and then hound my parents to reimburse me. If there is a repair needed, it is such a mess. My father won’t directly talk to the HVAC professional. So I am the go between guy asking questions, hashing out prices and scheduling another appointment that I am invociennce. I usually just tell the HVAC contractor to make hte repair right then and there and I pay for it. It is worth a few hundred bucks not to have my father haggling over the phone with me translating. Someday they will live down south full time. That will be nice since I might make them house sit when I go on vacation. I will make sure to get a HVAC tune up during it.



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