HVAC tips for avoiding a bug infestation

My house went from bug-free to bug infested, seemingly overnight.

It started with a few ants and then the roaches showed up.

No amount of traps or poisons would get rid of them. Finally, we had to call out the professionals. While our house was getting sprayed we had to stay in a hotel, of course. This could have been like a mini holiday if not for the fact that the air conditioner in the hotel was so noisy. I am not joking when I say that the air conditioner sounded like a garbage truck. I made all sorts of banging, clanking, and other sounds. It was impossible to sleep with the air conditioner on because of the sound and it was impossible to sleep with the air conditioner off because of the heat. This went on for 2 days. When we were finally given the green light to go back to our own home we were very happy about it. But, of course, we wanted to know what to do in order to keep the bugs from coming back. The exterminator told us a lot of common sense things but then he also told us some things we didn’t know. For example, he recommended getting a ductwork sealing done on our HVAC system so that bugs don’t get into the house through gaps in our ductwork. He also recommended running the air conditioner whenever it is hot, even if we are not home. Bugs hate cold, dry air. They thrive in warm, humid air. So by using the air conditioner more we would make it harder for bugs to live.

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