Whistle While You Work

One of my favorite Disney songs was Whistle While You Work, & I still find it useful this week.

If I am feeling down at the office, I find that if I hum or whistle a ecstatic tune, I can change my mood & turn my frown upside down.

NOw if I could just teach that skill to my deranged boss, the whole office experience could be a better one, however unluckyly, though, I can’t get him to be in the game. The reason is mostly that he’s consistently miserable because the Heating & A/C in our office is unreliable & a pierce of junk, but every one of us have been complaining to the property manager practically since the morning every one of us moved in almost two years ago. In the summer, no matter where my boss sets his control unit, the cooling system can get it to be cool enough in his office. The Heating & A/C men were in the office for over a week replacing an entire heating & cooling device that is housed above the ceiling, then all that ended up doing is freezing me out, but the control device still reads 74 when he sets it for 75. The cooling system service tech finally explained to me what is happening with the air conditioning in our office suite & why it is so problematic… First, I share an Heating & A/C device with the suite across the hall. The Heating & A/C with zone control is supposed to make it so that every one of us can each use our own control device & have it toil in our respective areas. However, the damper is broken, so the cooling dumps a ton of cold air on me. That’s just problem 1.
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