Need great temperature to tumble in

Temperature absolutely affects our workouts.

I do a tumbling based workout everyday and the heat or chill absolutely can wreck it. If I am too freezing our muscles think stiff. I have a difficult time warming up to the point where I can do ariels, tucks and walkovers. I usually end up hurting myself by stretching too far. Also, bouncing around and landing on freezing feet and hands doesn’t think good. I would way rather tumble in the Winter time separate from heating than in the summer time with no cooling. Heat is way worse for a gymnast. The heat makes myself and others think tired and sluggish. I just can’t seem to get myself motivated. I absolutely want to lay on the mat and just stretch for an minute… Because I am so warm, it is absolutely straight-forward to get a great stretch in. However, I leave wet spots on the mat that are straight-forward to slip in. I also have issues with our landings and beginnings for our tricks. It is straight-forward for a foot to slip, hand to shift and have our whole body tumble down. I then mentally freak out and don’t do the trick as well. A little ACE in the summer time absolutely does go a long way. That is why in our outdoor shed that I tumble in, I have a ductless mini split. I can have heating in the Winter time and AC in the summer. I also have a smart temperature control set up to turn on the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment an minute before I labor out. I walk into a perfectly climate controlled building. I never go separate from that ideal temperature.

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