I really love the ductless mini split at the new community center

That was honestly a first for me and my kids had a wonderful time in the place

I couldn’t tell you how excited the kids were when we had a new community center built in our area. The community center actually was within walking distance of our home which was really convenient. We wouldn’t have to drive and find a parking place when we wanted to go play basketball or other exciting activities they have in the place. When we first went there on the day it was opened officially, I was extremely impressed with the HVAC system. I couldn’t believe how excellent the air quality was and the temperature control settings were just right. I spoke with one of the workers there and I wanted to know more about the HVAC system. They told me it was a ductless mini split system with multiple zones. I was surprised that different areas of the community center could actually have customized temperature control settings. On top of that, the HVAC system they were using had built in air purification. I never knew that ductless mini splits had all of that in a compact system, but the results spoke for themselves. The place was wonderful and I had the best time of my life playing basketball in an air conditioned environment. That was honestly a first for me and my kids had a wonderful time in the place. They also have an indoor swimming pool, and that area they keep warmer for those who are swimming. They are able to do it without any issues because of that ductless HVAC system they are using. I think I might have to look into getting a ductless mini split for my house.
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