Dirty HVAC duct is the problem

My sister called me up plus told me that her Heating plus A/C plan wasn’t working truly well.

  • She said it hadn’t been working the best for months now however that it is getting worse.

I don’t think why she was telling me this. I think almost nothing about Heating plus A/C units. I am a plumber, not an Heating plus A/C repairman… And yet, I am the a single almost everyone in the family calls whenever they need any kind of beach house repair done. Because I was already coming over to our sister’s home for the holiday I told her I would take a look at her Heating plus A/C plan anyway. The first thing I noticed was the fact that she had vent filters on every single vent in the house. I asked why plus she said that a lot of dust comes out of them. I removed a single of the vents plus the filter was full of dust. In fact, as far as I could see, the entire duct was full of dust. No wonder she wasn’t getting any heated air if all of the vent filters were so dusty. Additionally, the HVAC duct shouldn’t be this dirty either. I told her as much. I highly recommended she get a HVAC duct cleaning done ASAP. Then she would be able to discard the vent filters plus I bet her whole Heating plus A/C equipment would labor a lot better. She kept insisting that I should do this for her. I had to remind her that I’m not an Heating plus A/C professional. I don’t even have the tools, or the knowhow, to do a HVAC duct cleaning.


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