Our child was complaining about being boiling when it wasn’t even hot

Ever since both of us got into the Springtime, our child has been complaining that he feels too boiling.

It wasn’t love both of us were using the furnace all the time or anything, but I thought I knew what the issue was… He had been growing his hair & I thought he needed a haircut.

Whenever both of us tell him he needs to cut his hair, he never wants to do that. I finally said that if he cut his hair, he would genuinely know a lot cooler. He finally gave in & both of us buzzed his head. He was disappointed at first because he lost all his hair, but it was entirely a nice style. In time he appreciated it because he said he was feeling so much cooler. It seems that was the problem after all & hopefully he remembers this in the future before protesting getting more haircuts down the road. I mean honestly, I wasn’t going to crank up the air conditioner just so he could be comfortable. With him it was love wearing a blazer in the house & cranking up the air conditioner system without just taking off the blazer. That’s what his hair was like, made him know boiling. Also with his new haircut, he has been getting more attention at school from the women. I think that new cut is a big hit. Perhaps I was a barber in another life because I have to admit, I am pretty good at breaking hair. Man, if I had a barbershop, I would have a nice ductless mini split to keep the perfect temperature control settings so everybody in our shop would be comfortable while getting their haircuts.

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