Smart temperature control ignores our Heating, Ventilation plus A/C program

My smart temperature control totally ignores what hot plus cold temperatures that I set it too, then it is supposed to learn a heating plus cooling program off of our behaviors. I guess I have a snotty smart temperature control. The people I was with and I must have gotten off on the wrong foot because neither of us appreciate one another. I basically want our house to be 71 degrees no matter the season. If it means heating or cooling, I don’t care. The temperature control should learn that. Instead, I guess it is messing with me. Around 5am, the temperature control will have the temperature set to 65 degrees at energy saving mode. The house is so chilly frosty that I can hardly sit it. I wake up in the middle of the night, mess with our iphone plus turn on the heating equipment. It stays at our temperature until around 3pm. I then noticed our temperature control cares about to have the house around 73 degrees plus waste me money. I all of a hasty notice I am way too hot plus don’t want heating anymore. I then realize our temperature control has snuck a bunch of heating in. Why does it do this? I am wondering if I by mistake set up a entirely dumb program appreciate that. I am curious that perhaps the temperature control l received our Heating, Ventilation plus A/C behaviors when I wasn’t living at our house yet. Heating plus cooling an empty house is a lot odd than a guy with wants plus needs. I keep thinking I can fix the proram, but I am too dumb. I kind of miss our dial temperature control.

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