AC drowns out the cat

My cat really likes to be outside when it is late at night.

Since I am worried about him running off, tangling with a big animal or just getting scared, I keep him in the house.

I have an outdoor cat enclosure that is fenced in that he can enjoy. It isn’t very big and not the same as being an outdoor cat. He mainly sits out there late at night. When it gets to be around 6 am, my cat has had enough. He loves to come in from his cat enclosure, walk up to my door and start meowing. His meows sound like he is dying. Sometimes he just wants me to feed him, other times it is just for attention. Occasionally he has woken me up because he wants to play. I can’t seem to set his internal clock any later. I can’t ignore the meowing either, it just keeps going. The only saving grace is if my air conditioner is going. The sound of my AC is quite loud. My bedroom is right next to the indoor air handler. So I can hear it click on and the air blow right out of it. At first I wasn’t happy with how loud the cooling system is. Now I wish it was louder and ran all the time. It is like having a natural sound machine. When the HVAC powers down I then hear the cat and need to get up. Everyone wants me to buy a fan, wear ear plugs or listen to music. I need something that I can use all the time though. None of those are long term solutions.

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