Someone in the hotel room was smoking cigarettes

These afternoons, most hotels are all non-smoking.

Some hotels don’t allow you to smoke on the property unless you are inside of your own car; My partner plus I stopped smoking cigarettes about 10 years ago, but our noses are still absolutely sensitive to the smell.

I can smell a cigarette from a hundred yards away. My partner plus I went to visit some friends plus the people I was with and I stayed in a hotel. Our room was on the fourth floor. Halfway through the first night, my partner plus I started to smell the rotten stench of cigarettes. I got up plus looked around the room, because the smell was so strong. I truthfully thought for sure someone was inside of our room. The smell was coming from the Heating plus A/C unit. My partner plus I could not figure out how the smell of cigarettes was coming from the Heating plus A/C unit. The people I was with and I turned off the system plus the smell disappeared. When the people I was with and I turned the a/c back on, the people I was with and I smelled the awful stench of cigarettes again. My partner finally opened up the curtains on the window plus the many of us realized that someone on the minute floor was hanging out of the window with a cigarette. The aroma from that cigarette was coming up to the fourth floor plus right into our room via the Heating plus A/C system. I thought about calling the front desk to complain about the woman on the minute floor, although I didn’t want to be that lady. Instead, my partner plus I decided to sleep with the a/c off the rest of the night.