These are some of the strangest HVAC units

It could play music and change colors and all kinds of things

These are the strangest HVAC units I have ever seen. First, while visiting a museum, I saw an old air conditioner in one of the exhibits. This air conditioner was the first ever air conditioner built by the first ever HVAC technician. I found this fascinating and observed the HVAC unit thoroughly. As an HVAC technician, I see all the simple parts ther were used to build the first air conditioner. I was amazed at the advancement of technology in only a few years. The second most unusual HVAC unit I have ever seen was the haunted furnace. The haunted furnace is located in an old house in a big city. This house was purchased and sold many times because the furnace was so creepy that people were convinced the furnace was haunted. I was hired as an HVAC technician to inspect this haunted gas furnace to see if I could fix it, but I could find nothing wrong with it. Parts inside of the furnace would move on their own, and it would make strange growling sounds randomly. I was very spooked out by this unusual gas furnace. The third HVAC unit I will mention was a faulty smart thermostat. This smart thermostat was supposed to be able to turn the HVAC units in the house on and off through a cell phone, and do other tasks that a normal smart thermostat does, but this thermostat was much different. This thermostat was able to do much more than a regular smart thermostat. It could play music and change colors and all kinds of things. Apparently the HVAC technician that made it wanted it to be a special smart thermostat, and I’d say he did a good job.