Infomercials Might as Well be Called Lie-Mercials

My better half has been upset at me lately because I keep seeing infomercials on TV at night.

I don’t know why but these stupid infomercials are causing me to lose my good sense.

I start getting hooked in seeing these amazing hamburger cookers or flashlights that also have a knife & a corkscrew. I have ordered things like washable air filters – which doesn’t seem terrible, except my better half likes HEPA air filters. I recently ordered a bunch of portable air conditioning system units. While they looked fabulous on TV, they aren’t so fantastic in real life. My better hals wouldn’t have been mad at me if I didn’t order so many, although I ordered 10 of them! I got that many so we could have one of these portable air conditioning system units in every room of our lovely home. My better half thought I was nuts because these portable air conditioning system units use batteries. You have to add water for them to job & they don’t even cool a small room a full degree. I had to admit, they were smaller in real life than how they looked on TV. I couldn’t get over how fabulous it looked when they were demonstrating the power of these little air conditioners, although I recognize they were just faking it, and now I have ten of these cooling systems & no one answers the emails or phone at the company. I might just keep one of them for the RV, although I absolutely don’t want to have all of these. I am too embarrassed to give these away to friends & family out of fear of having them laugh at me for thinking a battery powered a/c was a good idea.



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