I just left everything

I moved down south and bought a house. To go back to my northern home I either need to drive 16 hours or fly on a plane and waste a whole day. With the whole COVID thing, I don’t really want to fly and get quarantined. It would be smarter to drive but I am unwilling to put in the time. I did one trip via airplane to the south and now I don’t want to go back north. That means that I moved with only stuff that can fit in suitcases. I am unwilling to drive to the north to get all my furniture. There are things that I would really like though. I have wanted my book case since I moved all my books. I have all the stuff that goes on my desk without the actual desk. I want my alarm clock, paintings and work out supplies. The drive just seems really awful. What is horrible is the weather difference between my two locations too. I would be leaving the south that is experiencing temperatures in the 70s. Yesterday I was running my cooling system. It was so hot. I laid out and got a tan! I can keep my windows open to let in some natural ventilation. I then would drive up north to the temperatures that are below ten degrees. There is feet of snow, ice and a severe wind chill outside. My parents run their heating system twenty four seven. I don’t want to freeze my butt off the whole trip. I also don’t want to load all my heavy stuff in the cold and snow.

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