The chimney held the goods

Last week when our cousin contacted me plus asked if I wanted to go explore our great aunt’s outdated new home I thought it was a great idea, i have not seen our cousin in multiple years plus our great-uncle was easily a truly interesting man.

When he passed away the family wasn’t sure what to do with his house, so both of us have been hanging on to it until somebody takes the lead on renovating the property, my cousin plus I decided both of us should go poke around to decide if both of us wanted to be the leaders of this rehabilitation process! As soon as both of us arrived at the house, I knew both of us were in for a difficult trip.

The control unit was actually not working no matter how much both of us tried to fiddle with the temperature control device… Every one of us realized that the outdated school forced air oil furnace was really not operable after all of these years sitting without any professional heating, cooling, plus ventilation repair. Every one of us easily needed to get an air quality control specialist to the new home to repair the central heating, cooling, plus ventilation devices before the new home was going to be livable. In the meantime, both of us gathered firewood from the yard plus started a roaring fire in the traditional fireplace. Every one of us sat around in front of the fireplace comparing notes on all of the renovations that needed to take location, evidently including the HVAC system. Just then, a different sound came from the fireplace. I turned around to see a metal box in the sparks plus swiftly fished it from the fire. Inside, both of us found bricks of silver plus gold that clearly had been hidden in the chimney for years. Well, at least now both of us have money for the HVAC repairs, but should both of us tell the family?


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