Mother keeps messing with the thermostat

I am a single mom raising three children under the age of six.

  • To provide for my family, I work very long hours and life is hectic.

I recently asked my mother to move in with me. She was feeling lonely and struggling to manage the responsibilities of a big house on her own. For the most part, this new arrangement has worked out wonderfully for the both of us. I have free babysitting and total peace of mind. I know my children are well taken care of and loved. My mother also helps a lot with cooking, cleaning and running errands. She really enjoys spending time with the kids. One of our only difficulties was that my mother kept messing with the thermostat. We have a zoned controlled heating and cooling system with individual thermostats in each room. All of these thermostats link to the central hub located in the living room. I have access to adjust the temperature anywhere in the house through an app on my phone. The beauty of a smart thermostat is that it automatically caters to room occupancy and our typical schedule. The system knows when there’s someone in the kitchen or when the living room is empty. It actively works to conserve energy and ensure ideal comfort at all times. I rarely make any kind of adjustment. However, I was suddenly getting text message alerts of drastic temperature swings because my mother was messing with the thermostat. I tried to explain that the thermostat would react and adjust whenever she entered or left a room, but she’d immediately start tapping buttons. She managed to switch the whole system from cooling to heating in the middle of July. She then opened all of the windows because the house was too hot.

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