Is an air cleaner a necessity?

Every time I called for repair on our gas furnace or a/c unit, I was always asked if I was interested in a whole lake house media air cleaner. I already had a dehumidifier for the a/c unit. I was interested in having a humidifier installed in the gas furnace, however I had given any thought to an air cleaner. I didn’t even assume if an air cleaner was a necessity for my Heating plus A/C system. Then, I heard about the virus. Everyone was washing everything that came into the house. They were stripping in their garages plus putting their clothing right into the washer. The fear of carrying the virus into your lake house was running rampant. People were scared of not surviving Covid plus being overly cautious. All of a sudden, I was remembering all those times I had been asked if I was interested in having a whole lake house air purification plan installed plus said no. I wanted to be able to take all those nos back plus turn them into yesses. I was thinking how much safer I would suppose if I had an air purification plan installed. I called the Heating plus A/C supplier plus asked if they could install 1 now. They told me I had to have a mask on the entire time I was there. Six feet had to be ran tests on between us. I couldn’t guess how several safety measures they had to follow, however I did assume that it was all for my safety plus theirs. I now have an air purification plan installed plus I am feeling safer.


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