I wanted someone that could do everything at the same time

I wanted to remodel the garage and turn the car parking area into a living space. I barely used the garage for anything other than storage and I didn’t even use it for the car. I knew it was going to be a giant project, so I carefully did my research before I began the long process of finding the right contractor for the job. I needed to find a contractor that could handle all the aspects of the job including adding a bathroom to the space. That kind of plumbing and construction project would require someone with experience in a few different disciplines. The task to find the right construction company was long and difficult. I interviewed several commercial contractors and residential construction companies. When I found the right lady for the job, I hired her and wrote her a check on the same day. She told me that she would start the project the next day if I provided half of the funds up front. I was a little hesitant about writing a check for that huge amount, but the construction person came with lots of recommendations. My wife was worried that the woman would not be able to complete the remodeling job in the two week time frame, but we were both happily surprised that her crew finished three days ahead of schedule. The lady had several different contractors to help with the garage remodel. One of them completed just the plumbing work while the other ones worked on drywall. It was a well oiled crew that looked like they have worked together for years and years.
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