I guess we’re going to get a wall mounted HVAC component for the unbelievable room

I guess that we’re going to have to get some sort of a wall mounted HVAC component for the unbelievable room at our house.

The unbelievable room is our absolute number one room in the entire house, however the air quality in there is simply terrible.

The room has a twenty foot ceiling plus so it’s absolutely hard to keep the heat plus the air conditioning in there. In the summer, the room is so sizzling plus stuffy with the sunlight coming in through the windows that I can barely rest to lay in there with a book in our number one chair. I don’t like to waste the room, though, since it’s so appealing plus has such comfortable furniture. There’s also a wood burning fireplace, which I adore to lay by in the nights after work. Well, now that it’s winter, it’s a odd sort of problem in the unbelievable room. Now, no matter how long we have the gas furnace going, the unbelievable room is still chilly cold, but even if I’m laying right next to the fireplace, the temperature in the unbelievable room is usually still chilly freezing in the nights during the winter. I talked to the guy down at our local HVAC company plus he said that there’s not much that you can do in a situation care about ours except possibly put in a ductless mini break cooling system component for that particular room. That’s because we would not want to ruin the aesthetic of the unbelievable room by trying to put in additional ductwork into the ceiling, walls, or floors.



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