The beach cabana wasn’t exactly what the two of us expected

When our husbandy plus I celebrated our 10-year anniversary, the two of us decided to take a trip to a tropical island location! Both of us were absolutely excited to get out of city plus I was even more excited to get out of the country for the first time in our life.

My husbandy spent a lot of time in the military before the two of us got married plus he saw dozens of strange countries, however I was a city kid plus I never left our neighborhood.

We took a absolutely giant jet across the ocean to get to our endpoint. My husbandy plus I rented a beach cabana for that week-long getaway. We carefully study through the brochures plus our husbandy plus I chose these cabanas because they were supposed to have a bed, shower, toilet, plus AC. My husbandy plus I never would have stayed on the beach if the two of us thought that the cabana would not have any AC. It was almost a hundred degrees while I was in the afternoon plus the weather conditions control idea in our cabana was not an actual A/C unit. It was a giant ceiling fan plus a small exhaust fan in the bathroom, and during the afternoon, the hot plus cold temperatures were absurdly warm plus our husbandy plus I were totally irritated. The only time the two of us felt any relief was when the sun went down. The temperature has honestly dropped when the sun went down plus our husbandy plus I found that the afternoons were actually quite pleasant. We even slept with the windows open so the two of us could stink the ocean breeze.


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