We Had a Portable Space Heater

When the snow began to fall at the beginning of the snowstorm, my husband and I were amazed.

We enjoyed watching the flurries fall while we sipped on some wine and cozied up by the fire.

We went to bed feeling warm and cozy, anticipating the blanket of snow we’d see in the morning. However, at 3am, the two of us woke up feeling really cold. My husband and I snuggled together, trying to create body heat. However, when neither of us warmed up after 30 minutes, we realized that something was terribly wrong. When I went to turn the bedside light on, it never turned on. This is when we realized that the power went out. When the power went out, so did our furnace. We were snowed in with no heat! Thankfully, we were prepared. We had a small, portable space heater in our closet that we never got to use. It was just waiting for a moment like this. The best part about our portable space heater was that it didn’t have to be plugged in. Thankfully, it took batteries! We put some fresh batteries into the back and fired her up. The space heater was small, but powerful. Heat started pumping out of it immediately. Unfortunately, it didn’t spread the heat very far, so we were forced to stay in front of it. My husband and I placed the space heater at the foot of the bed so we could feel the heat while we slept.


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