I moved to the home of the heat pump.

I have always lived up north, and I was quite happy when I was given the option to transfer to another location altogether.

My boss explained that we were starting a new store down in the South and he wanted me to start working down there instantly.

He was providing me with housing plus utilities, which I thought sounded nice. The thing is, I didn’t know a thing about living in the South so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Well, when I got down there, my home was absolutely nice. I had a heat pump instead of a central HVAC system. The heat pump is pretty interesting plus I discovered that it is energy efficient. As a matter of fact, people say that this part of the country is home to the heat pump. I have always been used to having several different heating sources plus usually a fireplace, but this home was not equipped with anything like that. Evidently, the cooling system is the most crucial thing so that’s what you needed to maintain in order to survive some of the warmer weather conditions. Also, the humidity was something that I was not expecting. Fortunately, as the heat pump works to push the heating energy out of the house, it also pushes out a lot of the humidity as well, which is absolutely nice. I also have a dehumidifier which helps a good deal. It’s just hard for me to get used to the humidity levels when I’m going around town. I do like that the heating and cooling system at my office is enjoyable and the air quality isn’t too bad.


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