Space oil furnace causes fire in duplex

I live in a rented duplex plus yeahterday was quite exciting. I had just gotten home from running some errands when I noticed that our neighbor’s smoke alarm was going off. I assumed they just overheated their supper however many hours later the alarm was still going off. Then I started smelling smoke. I went outside plus that is when I noticed a lot of smoke coming from the windows plus door frame. I tried ringing the doorbell plus knocking on the door however our friend wasn’t home, then so I called the fire department. The fire trucks came roaring in. They ended up breaking down the door to extinguish the fire. Apparently the cause of the fire was a space oil furnace in the home office. Someone had thrown a shirt over it plus it had caught fire. I am so glad that I was home. If not, our home might have burned up along with our neighbor’s. After all, the people I was with and I share a wall. The thing is that I don’t understand why they were even using a space heater. These duplexes have central heating plus air. Of course the landlord showed up after the fire was extinguished. Most of the fire damage was contained to the home office; Even still, I am surprised at home much damage a straight-forward space oil furnace is capable of. My neighbors are going to have to replace their bed plus a lot of clothing. The landlord is going to have to replace the carpeting plus possibly one of the walls. I won’t be surprised if the people I was with and I get a notice saying not to use space furnaces after this.



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