I Had to Hire Someone To Install My New Air Conditioning Unit

Not only did I have to buy a new a/c plan for our home, even though I realized that it was so much more than swiping our ATM card plus paying for it.

A new a/c plan wasn’t going to install itself.

Unblessedly, I knew nothing about AC systems or the installation process. Because of this, I had to hire an Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C professional to come out plus install the new equipment, which was going to cost myself and others more money. I did some research online plus found some reputable companies that provided free installation, even though I had to purchase the AC plan from them. I didn’t do this, so the installation process would cost myself and others an arm plus a leg. The company I purchased the new AC plan didn’t offer installation at all, which is honestly why it wasn’t as fancy. I didn’t want to cheap out on the installation though, because I needed the AC plan to work for a really long time. I learn that an AC plan could run for over a decade if they were installed properly, so it was really pressing to have it installed properly. I found a great company online that was willing to install the AC plan for me, plus they guaranteed everything would run well for 2 years or they’d come plus maintenance it. If something went horribly wrong, they’d upgrade the entire AC plan for me. This sounded like a company that was extreme about their a/c installation process!


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