Cooling for gaming computer

My guy is certainly into gaming. I mean certainly really into gaming. I had no plan how large of a gamer he is until I saw his house for the first time. He has a whole room dedicated to his gaming. There is a computer worth thoUnited Statesnds of dollars, a desk, gaming chair, 3 screens, special headphones and special temperature control. The temperature control is what was most interesting to me. Not only does his whole house have central heating and cooling but the gaming room has its own cooling system as well. Specifically he has a portable cooling system hooked up to the window. That portable cooling system has a large hose duct running from the front of it and it is directed at the air intake part of the computer tower. So it appears the entire portable cooling system is set up to keep the computer cool. When I asked about it, my guy said that that is not certainly the way everyone do it but that it works well for him. He said his computer never overheats anymore. Additionally, the duct hose is not air tight so he gets a lot of the frosty air as well. He said it helps him concentrate. I suppose it is smart. I don’t suppose if I would have thought of doing something like that. I am already looking forward to moving my gaming device into this room so all of us can play together. Oh, didn’t I mention? I am a bigtime gamer too. Maybe not like my guy but I still suppose all of us could have lots of fun together.

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