The old portable cooling

I was thinking the other day about portable HVAC products.

How things have changed so much over the years with them. Much like regular heating and air conditioning technology, the advancement of portable heating and air conditioning technology is quite amazing to say the least. Take portable air conditioning systems for instance. Back when we did not have portable air conditioning systems. And the equal of that would have been a swamp cooler. Swamp coolers worked in areas and climates that were not ridiculously hot. But in places like Arizona, swamp coolers were pretty much useless. They could not combat the super bad heat. However, when portable air conditioning systems came into play that was a whole different story. Portable air conditioning systems could combat the heat in places like this. The swamp cooler did its thing though in milder climates. It was just enough to take to heat out of the indoor air quality if your fan or window air conditioning system unit was not working right. I do not miss the days of the swamp cooler by any means. These were primitive times that I am very glad are long behind us all now. I am so glad we have the heating and air conditioning technology now to have portable air conditioning systems as well as portable space heaters that can be small as ever and heat a room up as if you were using central heating. The same goes for portable air conditioning systems. They are just so powerful no matter what the size is!

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