I bring my dog with me to work

I’m one of those people who is creepily obsessed with their pets.

I know that not everybody feels the same way about animals, but I love them to death.

I really do view my cats and dogs as my children. It’s hard for me to see them any other way after all of the time that we spent together. Honestly, my obsession with my animals goes so far as to affect my indoor air handling and air temperature control settings. I never thought that I was much of a heating and cooling snob until I got a cat and a dog. I noticed right away that they were negatively affected by my terrible indoor air quality at home. They would often hide from the air vents when the HVAC system began blowing air through the house. It took some investigation for me to realize that my low-quality indoor air was full of unwanted smells that upset my pets. Eventually I decided that I was going to upgrade my central heating and cooling system so my animals could be more comfortable. Unfortunately, I could not afford all of the heating and cooling upgrades while paying a high energy bill to run my HVAC system 24 hours each day. That’s when I decided I could cut back on my energy bills if my animals weren’t at home alone all day. I was using the thermostat to manage their indoor Comfort while I was away at work. Instead, I cut back on my heating and cooling reliance by packing up my pets and taking them to work with me. During the day we can enjoy high-quality indoor air at the office, and at night my brand new heating and cooling system keeps everyone happy and comfortable.

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