When will he stand up to the guy?

My bestie has been working for the same heating and cooling repair company for the past eight years… His best friend’s dad owns the company and he was the person who gave him the task in the first location.

I guess that is the largest reason why my bestie does not want to stand up to the guy.

I’m fatigued of seeing my guy work more than nine hours a day when most of the other men are home by five or six. My bestie always agrees to do any last hour heating or A/C repairs. Even last weekend, when every one of us were supposed to leave on Wednesday to go to my sibling’s house. My bestie was supposed to come home by seven and that wasn’t asking entirely much. The people I was with and I had a numerous hour drive to the other side of the state. The baby shower was Thursday day early, and I didn’t want to wake up at five to be there on time. My bestie promised me that he would be home on time, then still, he called me at five to tell me that he had to take a last hour A/C repair that was right around the corner from our house. When my bestie got to the lake house and realized the repair was going to take a couple of hours he called his boss to get someone else to complete the work. The guy didn’t answer the iPhone and my guy was stuck working on the repair. It’s not love he could explain the situation to the customer. They had a repair guy on the property and they wanted the A/C repaired.


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