Mini-Split Air Conditioner is the Bomb

Quite a number of years ago, I was toiling in a church… The church was quite small and had a really small budget to match.

When the Heating and Air Conditioning program began going on the fritz on a usual basis, it was time for the pastor to start thinking about discontinuing Heating and Air Conditioning repairs and begin to know about getting an Heating and Air Conditioning updatement or update.

The air conditioner guy that came to do all the repairs recommended that the church get a mini-chop cooling system. That was the first time I had ever heard of that kind of cooling system, i had to go look it up online to see what it was. It was intriguing, but at that time, there was only a single manufacturer that was selling them… Because it seemed to be current Heating and Air Conditioning technology, and had a high price tag to go with it, the pastor was not convinced it was a good idea; He called on parishioners who were in the trades to provide their opinions, and most of them liked the system of the mini-chop air conditioner but did not have any experience with them. Therefore, they did not know if they worked as well as claims recommended. They ended up going with a more traditional Heating and Air Conditioning unit and got it installed on the roof! Nowadays, there are numerous brands of mini-chop cooling systems, and I know they have been proven to be quite an awesome cooling method! Recently, I found out that mini-chop air conditioner units were being sold in other countries for several years before they were being sold in this country; Apparently, a lot of the Heating and Air Conditioning companies did not know the profit margin was good enough.



HVAC worker