Short versus long run printing?

Short run printing is also known as Print on Demand these days.

The only type of printing they used to have, was offset printing for everyone.

This type of printing was made for runs of 1000 copies or more for each design. When you have the need for only 20 or 100 printed items, you clearly just need short run printing. Most of my printed materials are short runs. Whenever I hear print on demand, I stop and consider Amazon. All of the books you order, unless they are in digital form, are print on demand ventures. The books are printed when they are ordered. This makes it a bit cheaper per printed book, for the customer, however it costs more for the author. They get less profit on each item from print on demand. Short run printing has its site, however of course offset is used by more traditional printing companies. I have an Epson printer located in my home, that makes it possible for myself and others to regularly print out the menus for my restaurant. I can laminate the menus as well as I honestly don’t have a lot of overhead cost. Most companies sell the consumables that are highly necessary for my business. I get consumables that are able to be used along with my Epson printer. I have four-color ink, so I can have a wide array of colors used on my menus. When I first opened, I was able to print special thank you cards that were meant for my clients. The Epson printer did a superb job of giving myself and others high grade cards – exactly the way I envisioned them.

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