Running stairs is a great way to workout

During college, one of my preferred ways of working out was to go for a run and jog all the stairs.

My campus was extensive plus there were tons of stairs in various locations. During bad weather, I would stay inside the dorm and sprint up the many flights of stairs. I could also pic out a lecture hall or the library and run those stairs as well. Running stairs is a great workout for the body. My butt, calves and thighs benefited from this type of training. Once I graduated from college, I simply didn’t have access to stairs anymore. My rental house is one story. I job through the city and there’s very little level change. I recently discovered that there is a fitness center located near my home that offers equipment that simulates stairs. One equipment looks just like a rotating ladder. I use both hands and feet to climb, and it’s quite strenuous. Another piece of equipment is set up so that it feels as if you are walking up a set of stairs. It is not the same as running actual stairs, but it comes fairly close. I have also come across other types of fitness gear that I like. I make an effort to use the rowing machine while at the gym. I also enjoy using the elliptical, stationary bike and a quick run on the treadmill. Someday I plan to own a two story house where I can run real stairs again. Or maybe I could live near a university campus where I could access their stairs. I am making do with what is available, but it isn’t ideal. I am wondering if there are other women in the area who have the same unusual interest and might like to form a group fitness class.
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