Clingy bridesmaid dress has me working out

I have about six weeks until the date of the wedding

My cousin Susan is getting married this year. She asked me to be a bridesmaid in the wedding. She decided to let the girls each choose a different style of dress in the color she had selected. All the options were clingy, short dresses made of cheap fabric. The color is light pink, which I despise. I chose what I felt was the most flattering style of dress for my figure and even sized up just to be safe. I received the dress in the mail and I am truly discouraged. The dress clings to my tummy. It makes my arms look huge. The dress actually fits, but it makes me appear rather overweight. Getting an even bigger size might not even solve the problem. I am thinking that I need to lose weight before Susan’s wedding. I need to flatten my stomach and thin down as well as tone up my arms. Maybe the baby pink color and clingy fabrics won’t look quite so hideous. I located a health and wellness center nearby that offers personal training. I can choose between a group physical training class or take a private session with a certified fitness expert. I am prepared to pay more for private sessions. I have no clue how to properly stretch, warm up or target the different areas of the body. I hope to learn these basics before I join a group class. I have about six weeks until the date of the wedding. It is my plan to work super hard and get my body in better shape. I don’t want to be embarrassed when I walk down the aisle and stand in front of everyone.
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