Performing gymnastic drills in my ladies fitness class

I instruct group fitness classes at the core progression in my local area.

The job of personal training is fulfilling and beneficial.

I don’t make a ton of money and it was a difficult road to get a job in a high end gym. I really enjoy my job and wouldn’t change my career. I used to do tumble during school and most of my physical training classes introduce some type of gymnastic moves. I offer a ladies fitness class that targets toned legs plus butt. I ask the women to stand against a wall and do what I call two-foot take off preps as well as handstand drills. Two-foot take offs have the person stand in either a straddle or pike position. Both the feet and hands are placed on the floor, then the person bends the knees and pushes to straighten the legs. The goal is to achieve a handstand position. I teach a beginner class where the women struggle to even manage an L-shaped body position. My advanced women are able to do this exercise from a straddle or a pike position. I have begun having them attempt this on folding mats without using the wall for assistance. I even have asked them to get into handstands, perform shoulder shrugs and then snap their legs downs. Those drills are fantastic for improving core strength and also build arm muscles too! A lot of my ladies choose my class for the gymnastic drills. It is a great way to workout and work a lot of key areas of the body. I of course prefer doing these types of exercises since I have done those drills my entire life. I am excited to find out what these women can accomplish.

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