People are now allowed to get together outside

We had to go to a big outdoor graduation gathering Last yearand the weather was so warm that I was irritated.

I had not originally planned on going, however it was my niece’s anniversary gathering and my brother got really mad at me when I told his that I was not planning on coming. I told his that I couldn’t sit the thoughts of going outside in the really high rapidly increasing temperatures without air conditioner for any length of time. She said he couldn’t believe that I would consider skipping my niece’s gathering just because I’m a baby about needing air conditioner all the time. We kind of got into a confrontation about it and finally I told his that I would go but I wasn’t staying long. When I arrived, the temperature outside was almost ninety degrees and there was no sign of it cooling off at all. I stayed in my car with the air conditioner blasting through the air vents until the last possible minute. When I got out and walked over to the gathering, I was dripping with sweat through my shirt within minutes and just like I suspected I would be, I was irritated. I needed to get out of there fast, but I saw my brother watching me with his eyes slimed. I stuck around so I could help sing the anniversary song and I even watched his split the cake and then I got out of there. I was so glad to be back in my car with the air conditioner going full blast! And honestly, I guess like I made an effort and my brother should not be mad at me.

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