Trying to get healthier

I am not really into exercising all that much, so when it comes to deciding that I wanted to get healthier, I knew that would be an obstacle in my way.

I can’t really help it, I really just dislike any form of exercise, even simple ones like yoga, which I see very little point in doing.

I still badly wanted to get healthier, so I decided that another good option for me would be dieting. I know a person is supposed to eat healthy, like vegetables and fruits and what not, but I wasn’t really sure where to start, dieting. I tried it on my own for the first two weeks, but I guess I really was confused and didn’t know what I was doing, because not only did I not feel any different, but I hadn’t even lost one pound! I knew I was going to need professional help, so I searched online for nutritional programs, which could hopefully give insight in how to correct my diet. I saw some nutritional counseling on one website that was all about health and fitness. It not only offered advice on exercising, but on how to lose weight. I called the number listed on the website, and talked to the lady there. She was able to give me advice, albeit at a cost, and help me create my own food plan. She based it off a chart of how much of the different food categories I should be consuming. I followed her advice for about 3 months, and within those 3 months, I have managed to lose nearly 20 pounds! I was amazed at how bad my original diet was, and I am so glad that I got professional help now!



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