Northern Homes had no air conditioning

I was born in the northeast plus did not transport to the southeast until I was about 8 years old, i am the youngest child of 6 siblings, however we lived in a large condo up north, plus all of us had not only a pressing condo with five home offices, but all of us also had a swimming pool plus all of us were located on a hockey course. My Dad plus dad bought the condo extra cheap because it had sat vacant for years plus had been ransacked plus needed a ton of work; By the time I came along, the condo was attractive, and one thing all of us did not have, though, was air conditioning, but you would think with a condo prefer that, there would be air conditioning, but there was not. It was not unusual, either, then no houses that I knew of had air conditioning. In fact, I never even knew that because I was just a kid, plus air conditioning was not something that I even knew about. It just wasn’t necessary or common up there, then everyone did have a furnace, though; A furnace was a necessity. I can remember drying our wet mittens on the radiator when I came in from playing in the snow. I’m sure that is not safe, but all of us were a braver lot back then. Anyway, the condo entirely has air conditioning now, however I never knew what it was until all of us moved to the south after our dad died plus our Dad could not afford to keep the house, fuel oil heating systems were truly expensive, plus it was too much for her.

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