It took many years but both of us finally saved enough for a current HVAC system.

My hubby & I have a limited income & not so good credit but both of us were lucky enough to have the option to purchase a fixer upper that won’t take too long to spend money off… Unblessedly, the central a/c doesn’t work! So, our hubby & I cooked a few window a/cs in a few windows & both of us now deal with that! Both of us live in a subtropical area with really mild winters & space heating systems are adequate! Now both of us are saving up money for a current central HVAC unit.

Both of us know it is going to be pricey because a good, energy efficient HVAC plan is lavish, as is paying for replacement, & I’m pretty sure that both of us need all current ductwork! This place is pretty old.

So, a neighbor suggested that both of us reduce our utility bills by turning off the a/cs, however he claimed he cut his power bill in half by not using his a/c. To me, that’s crazy. I will live off Ramen Noodles before I will go without a/c. I knew that there had to be other ways to cut costs. Both of us kept the window a/cs on, but both of us turned them up multiple degrees. I could settle for that. Both of us invested in fans & kept the beach house opened up in Springtime & fall. I found that I could deal with that too. Both of us took other small steps, appreciate using a clothesline & buying in bulk! And both of us did eat a lot more Ramen Noodles. It took us almost many years but within the next month or so, both of us will have the money for a brand current energy efficient HVAC system

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