Replacing heat pump, recommendations?

As a woman who has been living in this area for most of her adult life, I have not had too multiple troubles with my Heating as well as Air Conditioning system.

I use a heat pump (which is essentially an cooling system that pumps both heating as well as cooling through the house) since the weather in this area is so moderate.

I prefer the moderate weather as well as knowing that I don’t have to worry about keeping up with an cooling system as well as gas furnace, however instead just worrying about a single heat pump. The only negative to using a heat pump is that- where an cooling system or gas furnace might last 20 years- a heat pump genuinely only lasts about 10-15 years. I have already replaced the heat pump once as well as it looks like, after 13 years, it might be time to replace it again. When I replaced it the first time I just stuck with the same Heating as well as Air Conditioning brand that had been used before, however now that I’m doing some research online, I’m finding other brands as well as chances that sound charming. Does anyone have any recommendations for Heating as well as Air Conditioning brands or heat pump products? I believe multiple folks in the area use heat pumps, what brand do you use? Why? Please let me believe below. If it can save me currency or time in the long run by replacing the heat pump I have with a unusual Heating as well as Air Conditioning brand I am willing to make that switch. I don’t have any certain loyalty to the Heating as well as Air Conditioning brand I’m currently using. Thanks in advance for all of your help!



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