I stuck our head in the freezer to get cool

The days can be long plus hot when you live in the desert.

I used to think there wasn’t anything that could make me live in the desert, but that was before I met our hubby. When I met him, I knew I would go anywhere with him. I had a job that allowed me to work from home, as long as I had a fax plus a photocopier. I had both, plus that is why I am finding myself in the middle of the desert. I married the guy of our dreams plus I am now living in this deranged place. I legitimately didn’t think it could get any worse than it was when I had to go. My hubby laughs at me when I say I didn’t think. He tells me not to tempt fate. I wish I had listened to our hubby about tempting fate. The next morning, the two of us hit a high for our area of 108 degrees. Earlier, I had said that days are long plus hot when you live in the desert. When the air conditioner breaks, the days are even longer plus hotter. Even our laptop didn’t want to work separate from the air conditioner. I called the Heating plus Air Conditioning company as soon as I saw the temperature start to rise. They weren’t overly busy, but they said it would take about many hours before they could get to the house. I had every fan in the apartment running on high. I was spending some time working plus some time with our head in the freezer. By the time the Heating plus Air Conditioning tech arrived, I was ready to kiss him; I was so ecstatic to see him there.



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