What happened to the Heating plus Air Conditioning tech?

I have been sitting at home, while waiting for our Heating plus Air Conditioning worker to arrive.

I would normally prefer taking a morning off in the middle of the week.

I could get a lot of our chores down plus run to city for groceries, or just to do some window shopping. Today, the only chore I have on our morning-off list, is to clean the attic. Unluckyly, I am afraid to get up there plus not be able to hear the doorbell. There is nothing I do not like more than having an appointment with someone plus having that person be late, or not show up. That was exactly how it looked like our morning was turning out. I had to confess that I did get to study a fine book that I had been wanting to study for the last year. That didn’t stop me from being worried over the fact that I should have had an Heating plus Air Conditioning worker in our apartment by noon. I looked at the clock plus realized it was already 5PM when I finished the book. I hadn’t received a text or cellphone call about his arrival. No a single had rung our doorbell. I decided I had to call the Heating plus Air Conditioning before they left for the morning. When I got in touch with the receptionist, she told me they didn’t have anyone tied up to come to our house. She told me they had set up a apartment call with an Heating plus Air Conditioning worker for the next morning. I was getting ready to argue with her when she told me the time plus date. I asked her what morning it was? That’s when I realized I was thinking it was Sunday when it was only Sunday.

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