We were happy when we found some valuable refrigeration equipment

My good pal plus I go to sales plus auctions plus hope to get entirely lucky.

It’s pretty fun, exciting plus sometimes we manage to make money. There are auctions in our town every Sunday, Thursday, plus Friday… We honestly rarely find great deals, however both of us always make our money back from the auction price. We have some friends that found a diamond ring valued over $60,000. We truly never managed to find anything close to that, however both of us always get gleeful to see what’s around the corner plus under the tarp plus inside the boxes. Last year, we were able to find a box of precious coins that ended up with some real value. My good pal plus I obtained a new supplier truck with the windfall. That was our largest ticket item plus entirely our most high-priced find. Not so long ago, both of us were able to find a storage component that contained a great deal of refrigeration equipment. My good pal plus I didn’t realize what the items were, however both of us took them to a pawn shop. They instantly knew the items as Heating plus Air Conditioning tools. They knew a couple of people that would be interested in the refrigeration equipment, plus the pawn shop asked us to leave the items with them for consignment. My good pal plus I were amazed to find out that the items were refrigeration components plus Heating plus Air Conditioning appliance tools. They didn’t look especially familiar plus that has due with the fact that they were total antiques. We made a pretty good amount on the sale plus the components went to a guy who owns a Heating plus Air Conditioning appliance supplier plus collects old items that are actually related to the trade.



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